Month 3 Blogging Update

Month 3: I am excited to share some of our new goals and also document our successes and failures. Oct 1, 2017 was the start of our favorite time of the year here at Raising Good People. The Holiday season is a wonderful time when we are given the opportunity to share so much with… Continue reading Month 3 Blogging Update


Step 2: Learning to Read

Did you miss Lesson 1? Step 1: Learning To Read Basics Once your child has a majority recognition with the Letters and their corresponding sound then you can start to incorporate CVC words. CVC words are words with a Consonant- Vowel- Consonant such as CAT. Tracking is an important step here. What that means is… Continue reading Step 2: Learning to Read


Step 1: Learning To Read Basics

We live in an age of technology. My daughter could work an iPhone by the time she turned two while I didn’t even have a computer in my home until the age of 13. Not to mention the cell phones back then could not even fit in a purse!     How do we adapt… Continue reading Step 1: Learning To Read Basics


5 Ways To Break Your Snack Habit

I have a horrible problem with snacking. Sometimes I crave sweets but usually it is the salty snacks I go for.I am not proud to say that my most dear snacks I tend to hide from my kids and husband so that I don't feel obligated to share with them.


Month 2 of Blogging

Month 2: I am excited to share some of our new goals and also document our successes and failures. Sept 1, 2017 is a wonderful day for Raising Good People since we just hit our first consistent month of blogging. *applause* So this past week I have slacked off a bit due to getting this… Continue reading Month 2 of Blogging


Why Pets Are Good For Children

Pets are often seen as extended members of the family. I know that's how I see mine. My dog Pebbles has been with me through a marriage, a pregnancy, a divorce, a new marriage, and a second pregnancy. She is there to give unconditional love anytime I want or need it. These features are seen… Continue reading Why Pets Are Good For Children